Justin Young

Journalism. Public relations. Film. Video games. Public speaking. Media theory. Audio and video production.

I've taught it all and done it all professionally. I pride myself on a diverse skillset that allows me to bring communication students a holistic view of the field today and where it is headed tomorrow.

What I Do


I like to engage my students through lecture, discussion, and experiential learning. I think a solid groundwork of theory builds to practical hands-on skills.

Web Design

Building practical, easy-to-use websites is my passion. I think websites should be easy to navigate and full of compelling content that keeps visitors from bouncing off.

Audio / Video Production

Crafting professional audio and video is always about telling a story. I believe if you start with the story, everything I do from short films to podcasting grows organically.

Public Relations

Tell a good story but be transparent with your audience. People know when they're being lied to, so my goal is to place organizations in the best light while keeping customers in the loop.



16 Years of Experience


Murray State University

Master of Science

  • Major in Mass Communication
Murray State University

Bachelor of Science

  • Major in Electronic Journalism
  • Minors in Youth & Non-Profit Leadership
  • Minor in English/Creative Writing
American Humanics Management Institute

Certified Nonprofit Professional

National Certification in Nonprofit Management and Leadership by the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (formerly American Humanics).


2019 - 2022
Southern Illinois University

Assistant Lecturer

  • Taught Public Relations Practices, Social Media and Digital Communication, Research Methods in Public Communication, Persuasion, and Applied Communication: Public Relations.
  • Advised Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) chapter.
  • Advised the student-run Pyramid public relations firm.
  • Developed new website for PRSSA that increased reach for club and program (SIUprssa.com).
  • Developed new podcasting studio and oversaw purchase of equipment to outfit it.
  • Served on the Dept. of Communication Studies Personnel Committee, Undergrad Committee, and the campus-wide Saluki Swag Initiative Committee.
Ashford University

Course Consultant & Associate Online Faculty

  • Taught Elements of Journalism.
  • Developed Broadcast and Digital Journalism course as a consultant for the university through online collaboration with chair of the department and course design professionals.
2008 - 2018
Trine University

Chair & Assistant Professor

  • Taught Web Technologies, Introduction to Advertising, Principles of Public Relations, Public Relations Writing and Production, Religion in the Mass Media, Video Editing, Composition I and II, Technical Communication, Effective Speaking, Introduction to Film, Introduction to New Media, Digital Media Creation, Web Content Management, Event Planning and Promotion, Writing for the Media, and Video Games: Art, Culture, and History of a Medium.
  • Founded and served as Director of The Overlooked Film Festival, a university sponsored film series directed at the community that showcased artistic films that rarely opened locally.
  • Founded and served as Director of the Humanities Symposia, a series of presentations and discussions led by professors from across campus.
  • Developed first drafts of a minor in Humanities, and a major in Professional Writing and English Studies for the department.
  • Collaborated on redesigning the curriculum of the Communication major and developing a new track in New Media Production.
  • Created and currently maintain three separate websites for the Humanities and Communication Department: TrineHAC.com, a general departmental website, TrineWrite.com, the Writing Center’s website, and InscriptionsJournal.org, which showcases winning pieces from the Walter Cunningham Writing Contest.
  • Developed an online registration system for the Writing Center and online registration forms for InscriptionsJournal.org.
  • Developed and oversaw plan for $20,000 student Mac lab for media work.
  • Created and assisted in startup of Trine HAC Cup, an event that brings area high school students to campus for communication and humanities competitions.
  • Serving as advisor to ASF students and to students in the new media production track of the Communication program.
  • Served as member of the Curriculum and Academic Standards Committee for three years.
  • Serving as member of the Ethical Standards Committee.
  • Overseeing on-campus Lilly interns in professional writing and communication.
  • Advised student newspaper, leading it from an irregularly published black-and-white paper to a full-color version published bi-weekly with a brand new online component.
  • Wrote application and was awarded grant for $12,000 to purchase Adobe Creative Suite 4 for computer lab in department.
  • Maintaining two departmental social media accounts, which serve as outreach to the community and to prospective students.
  • Designed promotional materials for department, including fliers, brochures, and slideshows that run before the Humanities Symposia and Overlooked Film Festival.
  • Serving as member of the Humanities Institute, which biannually sponsors Steuben Read Express.
  • Organized Steuben Read Express events including two film screenings and a campus and community art scavenger hunt using Twitter.
  • Served as judge of the Walter Cunningham Writing Contest since its inception in 2009.
  • Winner of the 2014 Robert Andrew & Anne Ewing Smith Excellence in Teaching Award at Trine University.
2006 - 2007
Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity National Office

Interactive Communications Manager

  • Developed publications restructuring plan for fraternity’s print and electronic publications.
  • Spearheaded overhaul of alumni magazine’s format and design, and served as Managing Editor for the publication that has an audience of over 70,000.
  • Edited monthly electronic newsletter to an audience of over 25,000.
  • Produced news releases and other public relations pieces for organization.
2005 - 2006
Tougaloo College

Tenure Track Instructor

  • Responsible for creating and implementing the college’s new broadcast journalism emphasis in the mass communication department.
  • Taught Principles of Advertising, Graphics In Promotional Communication, Electronic News Gathering, Radio and Television Production, and Introduction to Mass Communication.
  • Advised students who were part of broadcast emphasis program.
  • Managed department’s technology needs by selecting and overseeing the purchase of $100,000 of new video equipment and computers, including negotiating with vendors and personally installing the purchased equipment.
  • Nominated for Teaching Research award for outstanding research in my field and integration into the classroom.
  • Wrote proposal for and received $4,000 Faculty Advancement Program in Technology grant.
2004 - 2005
Murray State University

Adjunct Instructor

  • Taught lecture and lab classes for Introduction to Audio and Video Production.
  • Designed curriculum, evaluated student work, and counseled students in career and major choices.
  • Managed video equipment and assisted student productions.
2003 - 2004
College Sports Television (CBS College Sports)

1st Person Producer

  • Produced two animated segments for launch of new program.
  • Wrote, directed, produced and acted in segments.
  • Hired for second segment after first screened to high praise.

Courses Taught

  • Introduction to Advertising
  • Principles of Advertising
Audio / Video
  • Audio/Video Production I
  • Digital Media Creation
  • Radio & TV Production
  • Video Editing
  • Business Communication
  • Effective Speaking
  • Electronic News Gathering
  • History of the Media
  • Intercultural Com
  • Interpersonal Com
  • Intro to Mass Com
  • Intro to New Media
  • Media Law & Ethics
  • Persuasion
  • Research Methods
Internet / Graphic Design
  • Graphics in Promotions
  • Social Media & Digital Com
  • Web Content Management
  • Web Technologies
Media Studies
  • Introduction to Film
  • Media & Society
  • Religion in the Mass Media
  • Video Games: Art & History
Public Relations
  • Applied Com: PRSSA
  • Event Planning & Promo
  • Introduction to PR
  • Principles of PR
  • PR Cases & Campaigns
  • PR Practices
  • PR Writing & Production
  • Composition I
  • Composition II (research)
  • Technical Communication
  • Writing for the Media



School of Communication Studies Outstanding Teacher Award at Southern Illinois University


Robert Andrew & Anne Ewing Smith Excellence in Teaching Award at Trine University

Nominated for Teaching Research award at Tougaloo College for outstanding research in my field and integration into the classroom.

Named Outstanding Senior in Journalism for Murray State Department of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Design Skills

Web Design

Print Design

Logo Design

Graphic Design

Production Skills

TV Studio


Live Streaming




My Works
HAC 3 Strikes: Episode 57

HAC 3 Strikes: Episode 57

Playing for Pets

Playing for Pets



Professor Hobo: “A Day at the Zoo”

Professor Hobo: “A Day at the Zoo”

Professor Hobo: “Goat Me”

Professor Hobo: “Goat Me”





Professor Hobo comics

Professor Hobo comics

Trine HAC Twitter

Trine HAC Twitter

Social Media
Trine HAC Facebook

Trine HAC Facebook

Social Media
Trine HAC Instagram

Trine HAC Instagram

Social Media
Trine HAC Month Campaign

Trine HAC Month Campaign

Wrestling with Reality: The Genesis and Lasting Appeal of The Running Man

Wrestling with Reality: The Genesis and Lasting Appeal of The Running Man

Fatalities, Nighties, & Tom Hanks: Crossing the Uncanny Valley in Modern Media

Fatalities, Nighties, & Tom Hanks: Crossing the Uncanny Valley in Modern Media



Spreading Knowledge

Professional Presentations


• “The English Major for the 21st Century: Redefining ‘English’ at a Career-Focused University”

Thomas R. Watson Conference

“Cats Can’t Talk and Other Observations: A Personal Journey Through Humor in Comics”

ACA/PCA National Convention

“Angel Among Us: The Vampire With A Soul Who Has A Reflection—Us”

ACA/pCA National Convention

“Guerrilla Animation: Animating New Worlds by the Skin of Your Teeth”

Southern States Communication Association Convention

“Press Start to Learn: A Different Approach to Learning through Video Games”

Creating Futures through Technology Conference

“Finding God In the Secular Media: From The Twilight Zone to The X-Files”

ACA/PCA National Convention

Panel Discussions


• “Hurricane Katrina: Media Coverage of an Unprecedented Natural Disaster”

Southern States Communication Association Convention

Paper Reviews


Popular Communication Division

Southern States Communication Association Convention

Mass Communication Division

Southern States Communication Association Convention

Mass Communication Division

TC-MC Undergraduate Research Symposium

Campus Presentations


“Wrestling with Reality: The Genesis and Lasting Appeal of The Running Man”

Fall 2015 Humanities Symposia

“Game Not Over: Preserving the History of Video Games”

Fall 2014 Humanities Symposia

“Fatalities, Nighties, & Tom Hanks: Crossing the Uncanny Valley in Modern Media”

Fall 2013 Humanities Symposia

“Why Bad Things Happen To Good Media: Or Why We Get the Media We (May) Deserve”

Fall 2012 Humanities Symposia

“Super Mario da Vinci: The Art of Video Games”

Fall 2011 Humanities Symposia

“God save Harry Potter: How the secular media never lost religion, but speaks in tongues”

Fall 2010 Humanities Symposia

“Cats Can’t Talk: A Personal Journey through Humor in Comics”

Spring 2010 Humanities Symposia


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