Justin Young

Journalism. Public relations. Film. Video games. Public speaking. Media theory. Audio and video production.

I've taught it all and done it all professionally. I pride myself on a diverse skillset that allows me to bring communication students a holistic view of the field today and where it is headed tomorrow.

What I Do


I like to engage my students through lecture, discussion, and experiential learning. I think a solid groundwork of theory builds to practical hands-on skills.

Web Design

Building practical, easy-to-use websites is my passion. I think websites should be easy to navigate and full of compelling content that keeps visitors from bouncing off.

Audio / Video Production

Crafting professional audio and video is always about telling a story. I believe if you start with the story, everything I do from short films to podcasting grows organically.

Public Relations

Tell a good story but be transparent with your audience. People know when they're being lied to, so my goal is to place organizations in the best light while keeping customers in the loop.